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My Photo Album

Norway (2006)

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Crossing the Dovrefjell Plateau on my move up.     A room with a view: On my balcony.

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Enjoying the view without someone in the way.     Trip along Atlanterhavsveien with ...

move5.jpg (42699 bytes)

... my dear sister Andrea (my 1st official visitor from abroad).

trondheim1.jpg (76616 bytes)   trondheim2.jpg (89431 bytes)

First impression of Trondheim during my interview in May. Is the weather always like this??

trondheim3.jpg (83468 bytes)   trondheim4.jpg (77843 bytes)

King Olav Tryggvason overlooking the main square.         Better cycling than in Paris ..

trondheim5.jpg (104494 bytes)

... but similar facade to the Notre-Dame: Nidarosdomen.

PhD defense weekend (January 2005):

defense1.jpg (225407 bytes)          defense2.jpg (200556 bytes)

Announcement in the Aula.                                   Two penguins.

defense3.jpg (175127 bytes)   defense4.jpg (186048 bytes)

Waiting for the decision of the committee.       Welcoming the late arrivers Cristina &

defense5.jpg (159322 bytes)   defense6.jpg (157001 bytes)

Speech by Prof. van Genderen.                       Passing on the dynamite.

defense7.jpg (180361 bytes)   defense8.jpg (207269 bytes)

The committee and my two paranymphs          No dynamite after all. It contained the PhD
Anna-Maria and Jan-Philip.                                 diploma.

reception1.jpg (178528 bytes)   reception2.jpg (180130 bytes)

Paolo and Sylvia at the reception.                     Napraten met de husigenoten.

Later that day in the Stadskoffiehuys ...

koffiehuis1.jpg (283655 bytes)          koffiehuis2.jpg (172673 bytes)

The supporters from Saarbruecken:                       "Has anyone seen a penguin?"
Markus, Andrea, Anna and Robert.                 

koffiehuis3.jpg (271473 bytes)          koffiehuis4.jpg (157833 bytes)

Laurent, Lisa and Markus.                                    All the way from Hamburg: Chriseg.

Walk through Delft

market1.jpg (352979 bytes)          market2.jpg (207126 bytes)

Jan-Philip trying out a Dutch Canoe.                       In front of the New Church.

Dinner party in ...

party0.jpg (205778 bytes)   party1.jpg (171868 bytes)

                                                                    Cheers!! Katrin and J-P.

       party2.jpg (203822 bytes)            party3.jpg (263308 bytes)

          The tall guys. With Markus.                               The Van der Lijn Brothers.

party4.jpg (194085 bytes)   party5.jpg (151455 bytes)

Glad it's done. Committee members                 The only photo of the cameraman: Seppl.
Prof. Sato, Prof. Ligthart and Prof. van Genderen. 

party6.jpg (169181 bytes)   party7.jpg (197204 bytes)

With Adriano and Verena.                              Girls talk. Mum, Soegun and Cristina.

party8.jpg (210961 bytes)   party9.jpg (205082 bytes)

More girls talk. Mum and Magda.                      Drinks with colleagues. Jacco, Jordi and

party10.jpg (204281 bytes)

"Finally I can breath again!". With Helene.

To relive the party atmosphere, you can download the following movies:
party1.avi (3.56 MB)        party2.avi (3.41 MB).

Saturday ...

saturday1.jpg (204055 bytes)   saturday2.jpg (226525 bytes)

Kroket search in Scheveningen. J-P and Laurent.         Haute cuisine in the Soul Inn.

Sunday ...

sunday1.jpg (183112 bytes)          sunday2.jpg (334397 bytes)

With Rotterdam city guide no. 1: Chris.                   The Old Church's still standing.   

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