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My Travels

Visiting Jan-Philip in Moscow (2006)

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Excuse me. Where can I find the Red Square?              Colorful St Basil's Cathedral.

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View of Lenin's tomb from the GUM              On the Cathedral Square inside the Kremlin.
 shopping palace.

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I wonder were my friend Vlad is.                            Not Angkor Wat, but the University.

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Front view of the University:                           Well integrated:     
A true temple of knowledge!                          Jan Philip drinking beer in the park. :-)

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City view with one of "Stalin's sisters".

Cambodia with Jan-Philip and Servane (2003):
Train Ride Phnom Penh - Sihanoukville

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Time to get our bags                                     Time to take a break

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View from the window                                   Talking to students

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Kids playing                                                   Passing landscape

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More comfortable than the European trains               Our hut on Kaoh Tonsai Island

South Colorado (2003)

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Along highway 25

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Great Sand Dunes National Monument

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Great Sand Dunes National Monument

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Great Sand Dunes National Monument

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Buffalo in the San Luis Valley                            Anasazi ruins at Hovenweep. 

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Hovenweep National Monument                      Evening panorama near Telluride.

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